Adaptive optics kit for high-power lasers

The AO kit ILAO Star is an association of

  1. HASO TM  for a simple, precise and reliable measurement of the wavefront,
  2. ILAO STAR TM for a smooth and stable correction,
  3. WaveTune TM  for a total control of the operations, and
  4. PharAO  for the ultimate correction.


Adaptive Optics (AO) improves the performance of optical systems by reducing the effect of wavefront distortions with the goal of delivering the best focusing or image quality for science and industry.

    HASO Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor offers accuracy (lambda/100 rms), linearity (<0.1% linearity error) and dynamic range all together without compromise. This will allow to reach optimum corrections performance or the possibility to fully characterize a phase modulators.
  • WaveTune TM
    WaveTune addresses all the requirements for closed and open loop type of operations. It also offers advanced diagnostics and configurations of the interaction matrix which is a major step in the process of getting the AO system to perform.
  • Wavefront modulators
    ILAO Star is the wavefront correction element of the full-featured adaptive-optics solutions that Imagine Optic provides for ultra-intense and ultra-fast lasers. When combined with a HASO4 wavefront sensor and our WaveTune command & control software, you have a turnkey solution, where each element works together seamlessly via one ergonomic interface.


Service Documents

WaveSuite | Specification sheet

HASO4 First | Specification sheet