What you can rely on

Wavefront sensors

Imagine Optic is a pioneer in the manufacturing of optical metrology instruments and systems based on the Shack Hartmann wavefront measurement method. The HASO is now a reference in the optical metrology field and the company is regularly asked to develop custom solutions to meet with the most demanding requirements  such as Hershel SPace Telescopes, Brookheaven National Lab, Gaia space based telescope.

The HASO is today’s highest performance wavefront sensor available, off-the-shelf, on the market. It offers the unique ability to provide at the same time, a large dynamic range and accuracy.

Imagine Optic is also the only manufacturer of wavefront sensors that specifies the amplitude of aberrations that is measurable with a typical accuracy of lambda/100rms. This unique characteristic is only possible thanks to a proprietary bundle : calibration, proprietary wavefront reconstruction algorithms and high quality lenslet arrays/cameras.

This unique feature allows the HASO to provide high performance, versatility and ease of use.

Our core technology includes

  • patented technology that enables you to measure phase and intensity, both simultaneously and independently
  • absolute measurement that lets you work without a reference beam and that ensures durable instrument calibration
  • proprietary Dynamic Spot Tracking™ and Auto Spot Finder™ provide a superior accuracy without compromising the dynamic range
  • optimal optical quality of our refractive microlenses in our patented Rotated Square™ configuration provides a superior accuracy and eliminates crossing spots, without compromising the dynamic range.

The WaveView component of WaveSuite dedicated to wavefront metrology for both optical metrology and laser diagnostic offers more that 200 features and parameters enabling to perform zonal and modal wavefront reconstruction; to compute PSF, MTF; to visualize the spot diagram; and to obtain the M² parameter.

Adaptive optics

Imagine Optic has developed an AO platform offering high performance and compatibility with a wide array of deformable mirrors and capable of addressing a wide array of adaptive optics applications.

In 2005, Imagine Optic SA introduced Mirao 52, first deformable mirror optimized for applications in life sciences. This DM uses electromagnetic actuators which offer large deformation and perfect linearity. The Mirao 52e has been a game changer in adaptive optics, it has allowed to respond perfectly to the rising numbers of applications in retinal imaging and several modalities in microscopy such as 2 photons and super resolution PALM/STORM. The Mirao 52e still is today a reference for AO applications in life science and has allowed the Micao 3DSR to demonstrate tremendous results in super resolution.

In 2010, Imagine Optic SA introduced ILAO (Intense Laser for Adaptive Optics), the first deformable mirror specifically designed for applications in ultra-high intensity lasers. ILAO offered high quality wavefront correction, easy maintenance and a unique adaptability to the application thanks to its scalable technology.

In 2014, Imagine Optic developed ILAO Star, that includes new mechanical actuators developed by Imagine Optic offering larger correction, faster operation and improved maintenance.

Aside from the developments made on the DM, Imagine Optic also developed Pharao, a new tool to complete the regular closed loop approach in ultra-high intensity lasers.

Over the past few years Imagine Optic has installed more than 50 AO kit based on ILAO and ILAO Star and allowed multiple installations to reach new limits in terms of intensity delivered on target.


Software is a core component of our wavefront sensors and adaptive optics systems. Over the years, Imagine Optic has been developing and supporting innovative software solutions for optical metrology and adaptive optics. Our software developers put ergonomy and ease of use at top priority as we want users to focus on their measurement, analysis and correction with high efficiency.


Imagine Optic is the only manufacturer to offer plug & play adaptive optics systems for microscopy.  MicAO can be used for image improvement in single molecule super resolution microscopy and spinning disk microscopy. Our patented technology using astigmatism alongside correction of aberrations inside the biological sample allows achievement of the best 3D localization precision. Along with the hardware, we offer a complete adaptive optics software package for microscopy, which uniquely combines the best aberration detection methods developed by the scientific community.


Imagine Optic is an active partner in numerous public-private sector collaborations on the national, European and international scale. By combining its expertise with other academic and industrial partners, Imagine Optic plays an important role in advancing the frontiers of the optics-photonics industry. Over the years, the company has developed a loyal customer base that includes some of the world’s leading companies: Sony, Nikon, Canon, Thomson, Thalès Aliena Space, Sagem, Zeiss, National Aeronautic & Space Administration (NASA), U. S. Air Force, Essilor, Alcatel Space, EADS, le CEA (notably the Laser MegaJoule), European Southern Observatory, European Space Agency (ESA), and many others.