A history delicated to innovation

Imagine Optic was founded in 1996 by Xavier Levecq and Samuel Bucourt  when the pair realized that their combined expertise could give birth to a new type of wavefront sensor dedicated to AO and optical metrology. Their ambition was to develop a sensor offering accuracy, dynamic range and versatility, all at the same time without compromise.

The company delivered the first HASO in 1999, one for the AO system of the LMJ (Laser mega-joule laser proof of concept) and the other for the project SILVA (isotopic separation by laser process). The LOA and HAMAMATSU quickly followed the CEA and decided to go with the HASO for their AO systems.

2000, the product line grew with the addition of the HASO NIR (near infrared), first SHWFS dedicated to telecommunications applications.

2001 development of the first ever made EUV wavefront sensor dedicated to nano-lithography and synchrotrons, fruit of a collaboration between the LIXAM, SOLEIL, LOA and CXRO (Center for X-Ray Optics LBNL)

2003 creation of Imagine Eyes, sister company to focus on ophthalmological applications of wavefront sensing and AO

2005 launch of mirao™ 52-d, first deformable mirror optimized for life sciences applications.

2006  expension to asia and the US.

2007  release of the 3rd generation of HASO was released along with the HASO Fast, the SL-Sys™ liquid, CASAO™, GENAO™ and the AOKit™ -bio.

2008 release of the SL-Sys neo, first of a kind system dedicated to the characterization of  miniaturized optics and objectives.

Also in that same year, Imagine Optic and Amplitude Technologies filed a joint patent application for a revolutionary adaptive optics optical fuse for high-power lasers.

2010 release of ILAO, first deformable mirror specifically dedicated to ultra-high intensity lasers (UHIL)

2012 introduction of the 4th generation of HASO.

2013 release of MicAO 3DSR, first adaptive optics accessory designed to super resolution microscopy.

This plug & play device corrects aberrations induced by the optical setup as well as the biological sample and offers to the users the best lateral and axial localization precision (resolution) on the market.

2014 Imagine Optic and Q-Sys BV are granted for the development of SHARPeR.

This program is supported by two European companies to work together to develop a high-accuracy automated metrology platform for characterization of extremely high-quality optical components, such as x-ray mirrors for synchrotrons.

2015 release of ILAO Star, 3rd generation of the mechanical deformable mirror.

this time the DM is entirely based on proprietary actuators. At the same time was also released PharAO, sensorless focal spot optimization software module

Imagine Optic celebrated its 20th anniversary in December 2016 and released on that year the HASO4 Broadband, highly innovating HASO offering high performance on the 400-1100nm bandwidth.

2017 upgrade of the R-Flex 50 allowing now multi-wavelength measurement in the visible and NIR.

Innovation in optical metrology and adaptive optics for science and industry.

Management team

Imagine Optic has assembled one of the industry’s best management and scientific teams. We constantly strive to understand our customer’s requirements, and to provide the products and services that respond to their demands in a wide variety of applications.

Samuel Bucourt

President and CEO

Soon after his first experience as an engineer at Le Conoscope, Samuel Bucourt became an entrepreneur, co-founding Imagine Optic in association with Xavier Levecq in 1996. In the five short years following the debut of their endeavor, their company had already become an international leader as a provider of optical wavefront sensors. Samuel brings solid expertise in corporate management to Imagine Optic including sales-force organization, finance, strategic and business development, and growth management.

Xavier Levecq

Vice President and Chief Research Officer

Well before he graduated from the prestigious Ecole Supérieure d’Optique, Xavier Levecq had already started inventing and filing patents. Recruited while still at university by CILAS-EADS, he developed high-tech optronic systems for "StarWars" military applications based on advanced space optics technologies. In 1996, Xavier co-founded Imagine Optic with Samuel Bucourt. His work in technology development led to the patents and products that propelled their venture into an international success and his wavefront sensors are now recognized worldwide as the reference for optical metrology devices.

Guillaume Dovillaire

Technical Director and COO

Guillaume has over 12 years of experience in Shack-Hartmann wavefront metrology and adaptive optics. His career began after he finished his studies at the Institut d’Optique Graduate School by participating in the installation of an adaptive-optics system for a military project led by CILAS. He then joined Imagine Optic when the company was formed to contribute to the conception of the first HASO32 wavefront analyzer. The product’s commercial success offered him the opportunity to become the Product Manager for the HASO line in 2001. In this role, he managed the product family’s growth and developed the production tools used today. Since he was named CTO and Technical Director in 2004, he has managed the R&D team with the goal of maintaining HASO’s place as a market standard of reference as well as in the development of innovative new adaptive optics products.

Laurent Couvet

Production Coordinator

Laurent joined the Imagine Optic team, just several months after the company’s creation, after having worked in R&D on 10” Digital Optical Disk readers/writers. He has extensively participated in the conception of the company’s opto-mechanical products and created the production department in order to satisfy customer needs regarding order time, traceability and compliance. Currently, he is spearheading Imagine Optic’s quality control system with the goal of achieving ISO 9001 certification.

Sales team

Isabelle Serre

Sales Director

Rafael Porcar Guezennec

Sales Representative - Spain

Rakchanok Rungsawang

Asia Sales Manager

Jérôme Ballesta

North American Sales Manager