High-performance wavefront metrology

Wavefront metrology is a key step in the making of high performance optical instruments. Optical metrology has been a core activity since our creation. The HASO is today’s highest performance wavefront sensor (WFS) available off-the-shelf. It offers the unique ability to provide at the same time: large dynamic range, accuracy and linearity.

Imagine Optic is currently the only manufacturer of Shack-Hartmann WFS to specify the amplitude of aberrations that is measurable with a typical accuracy of lambda/100 rms. This unique characteristic is only possible thanks to a proprietary method of calibration, a patented wavefront reconstruction and high quality lenslet arrays and cameras. This unique bundle allows the HASO to provide high performance, versatility and ease of use. All our wavefront sensors are designed, calibrated and delivered with a certificate of calibration that features all the required and important specifications.