Advanced adaptive optics control software

WaveTune, the successor of CASAO, is a unique application that seamlessly combines wavefront measurement and correction features with extensive instrument diagnostics to provide users with an ergonomic adaptive optics PC workspace. Perfectly adapted to Imagine Optic’s HASO™ family of wavefront sensors as well as a wide variety of active components including our ILAO Star and mirao™ deformable mirrors, WaveTune is the only software tool that you need to get the most out of your open or closed-loop system.

Whether you’re an established expert in adaptive optics or just getting started, you’ll be up and running quickly thanks to WaveTune’s user-friendly, feature rich environment.

Perfect loop control for imperfect wavefronts

From sensor configuration to acquisition and on to determining correction, a few clicks are all it takes to get underway. Key measurement and correction features include:

  • Wavefront analyzer hardware control including integration time, trigger mode, averaging
  • Wavefront measurement
  • Target wavefront formation – set tilt, curve and high-frequency aberrations independently using actual measurements or theoretical values using Zernike polynomials
  • Measure the functional influence matrix (also called interaction matrix)
  • Calculate the command matrix and modify filtering modes
  • Open and closed-loop wavefront correction
  • Add command – enables users to modify the target wavefront in real-time using Zernike polynomials to induce or correct for aberrations, either by manual intervention or over a network connection (local host or Ethernet)
  • Client-server interaction with WaveView software – enables users to take advantage of WaveView’s advanced wavefront analysis features
  • System security features : WaveTune offers the security features that can play an important role in making your facility safer, most notably in high-power laser installations.

Understanding your wavefront

WaveTune’s wavefront and instrument diagnostics enable you to better understand and use the information you acquire by providing detailed information on its nature. Key diagnostic features include:

  • Wavefront sensor diagnostics
  • Multiple views including raw measured wavefront, residual vs. target wavefront, and residual vs. target wavefront following the modifications applied using the “Add command” feature
  • WaveView interaction – used in client- server mode with WaveView, you can perform advanced wavefront diagnostics including Zonal reconstruction, create Zernike or Legendre polynomials, view the spot diagram, and calculate the PSF, MTF, M² and Strehl ratio
  • Active component diagnostics
  • Display mirror actuator states, applied voltages and 3D mirror form
  • Show individual actuator influence on the interaction matrix
  • Choose filtering modes by previewing changes and associated applied voltages to actuators
  • Camera diagnostics enable you to display the raw camera image

Making your installation safer

Only WaveTune offers the security features that can play an important role in making your facility safer, most notably in high-power laser installations. The result of more than 15 years of working closely with customers to understand their needs, these features protect valuable laser facility equipment.

WaveTune acts to detect and inform you of both suspicious events and parasite signals that can interfere with measurement. Once the software detects a potential problem, it acts immediately on the active component’s command electronics to avoid erroneous or impertinent commands. Depending on your needs, several levels of security are available that may help improve overall safety.


Service Documents

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