Large-stroke deformable mirror optimized for open-loop operation

The line of Mirao deformable mirrors provides an exceptionally large stroke and high precision combined with low power consumption and USB connectivity in order to meet the needs of today’s most demanding applications. Mirao 52es incorporates a unique technology that uses 52 electromagnetic actuators, enough to precisely correct up to the 6th order Zernike modes. This mirror also provides an exceptional 50μm PV deformation amplitude, which makes this mirror especially useful in various bio imaging and microscopy applications where large-amplitude aberrations need to be corrected.

Many applications of adaptive optics are using a deformable mirror to create a precise wavefront shape, which is then kept fixed during operation of the optical setup (in microscopy, beam shaping etc.). As soon as a precise wavefront/PSF shape needs to be maintained during long term experiments – Mirao 52es is the perfect choice.

The exceptional feature of Mirao 52es deformable mirror is its long-term stability in an open-loop mode. As it is shown in the graph above, the difference of the generated wavefront to the target wavefront remains within less than 10nm RMS for more than 12 hours (green trace), as compared to a standard Mirao 52e deformable mirror (blue trace). The stability of the mirror is also illustrated by the image sequence on the right: on a microscope equipped with Mirao 52es deformable mirror we imaged the PSF over the course of three days and changes of the PSF were negligible.


Mirao 52es

Description Specification
Number of actuators 52
Effective diameter 15 mm
Maximum generated wavefront (PV) ±50 µm
Surface quality (rms active flat) <10 nm
Linearity >95%
Hysteresis <2%
Spatial frequency correction Zernike orders up to 6
Working environment conditions 20-25°C, 20-80% RH
Wavefront temporal stability <10nm RMS for min. 12h in working environment conditions
Coating protected silver or gold
Power consumption 50W max
Dimensions / weight 71 x 77.3 x 36.6 mm / 490g1
Connectivity USB 2.0
Operating System Win 7 (32bit / 64bit), Win 10
(1) Mirror unit only.


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