Single-mode laser sources (SMLS)

Fibered laser diodes are ideal for optical metrology applications requiring a point-like source.

Our new generation of Isingle-mode fibered laser light sources provides a stable output for optical metrology applications. The compact, multi-function laser driver box is delivered with a separate 2m-long fiber patch cord and 12V power adapter. Several operation modes and interfaces are available.


Laser Diodes

Specification of single-mode fibred laser sources
Part numner
Max. output- power* Laser class
SMLS 405-S 405 nm 4.5 mW 3R
SMLS 520-S 520 nm 4.5 mW 3R
SMLS 635-S 635 nm 4.5 mW 3R
SMLS 785-S 785 nm 4.5 mW 3R
SMLS 830-S 830 nm 4.5 mW 3B
SMLS 1064-S 1064 nm 4.5 mW 3B
SMLS 1550-S 1550 nm 4.5 mW 3B
SMLS Custom ask ask ask
*at fiber port without external fiber patch cord


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Laser Diodes

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