High performance, full calibration 400-1100nm

The HASO4 Broadband Shack Hartmann wavevefront sensor takes advantage of today’s best technology to provide unique features including:

  • Full spectral range calibration over 400nm -1100 nm
  • λ/100 rms absolute accuracy over 600λ dynamic range
  • patented measurement of phase and intensity, simultaneously and independently
  • patented microlens array technology manufactured in-house
  • 20 Hz, full pupil
  • WaveView or HASO v3.2, the industry’s most complete software package, included
  • WaveKit (SDK of WaveView) compatible with C, LabVIEW and MATLAB

The HASO 4 Broadband is the only wavefront sensor delivering lambda/100 rms absolute accuracy*, large dynamic and high linearity over very broad wavelength range.  This unique feature is possible thanks to our advanced calibration process, high quality hardware and proprietary reconstruction software.

The HASO 4 Broadband offers high measurement performance, high resolution and extended spectral calibration bandwidth. It is the most versatile wavefront sensor and is a great choice for the lab or industrial application. It has been used with success in the most demanding applications in optical metrology, microscopy and laser diagnostics.

HASO4 Broadband is delivered with WaveView, the 3rd generation of wavefront analysis software. With just a few clicks, you will get access to wavefront measurement, reconstruction etc . WaveView offers more than 150 functions and optional add-ons enable you to go even further and calculate the PSF, MTF, Strehl ratio and M².

WaveKit (or Software Development Kit – SDK) will enable you to interface the HASO 4 Broadband with any kind of OEM products and systems.

On request, customized software solutions, perfectly adapted to your application case can be developed . Our engineering team will ensure sustainable product integration and maintenance for a long product lifetime.



Description Specification
Aperture dimension 7.0 x 5.2 mm²
Number of Microlens 68 x 50
Tilt dynamic range > ± 3°
Focus dynamic range ±0.026 m to ± ∞
Repeatability < λ/200 rms
Absolute accuracy for λ between 400-600 nm

Absolute accuracy for λ between 600-1100 nm

≤ 6 nm rms

about λ/100 rms *

Spatial sampling about 105 µm
Maximum acquisition frequency 20 Hz
External trigger TTL signal
Calibrated spectral range 400-1100 nm
Dimensions / Weight 46x57x57 mmᵌ/150g
Working temperature 15-30° C
Interface / Power consumption USB 3.0 / 2.9 W
Ethernet / 2.9 W
Operating system Windows 7 and 10

* The absolute accuracy may slightly decrease for the wavelengths longer than 800nm. Above 950nm, the accuracy is ensured for light sources with coherence length smaller than 3 mm.


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