Complete solution for high power laser beam control

The field of applications of Ultra High Intensity Lasers and high power lasers has become broader over the past 2 decades. Those scientific light sources are offering a better deal in term of footprint and performance than linear and circular accelerators. Moreover they are uniquely able to deliver the extreme electromagnetic required in applications such as ICF, Wakefield, Proton acceleration, X-ray sources and atto-second  sciences.

UHIL are in constant development and experiments require more and more intensity, peak power and stability. Adaptive Optics has become a major actor since the wavefront correction and control is a critical point.

The AO kit ILAO* (UHIL) is based on the association of

  1. HASO TM  for a simple, precise and reliable measurement of the wavefront.
  2. ILAO STAR TM (lien) for a smooth and stable correction
  3. WaveTune TM (lien) for a total control of the operations.
  4. PharAO for the ultimate correction


Service Documents

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