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A brief history of Imagine Optic » #2: H-Line

A brief history of Imagine Optic – Episode 2 Founded in December 1996 by the pair of Samuel Bucourt and Xavier Levecq, Imagine Optic is a pioneer in the manufacturing of optical metrology instruments and systems based on the Shack Hartmann wavefront measurement method. This is how the story of the company is usually written, […]

The « Swiss Army Knife » of optics in the SWIR

In this video series, Xavier Levecq, CSO Imagine Optic, presents the 3 products that compose the « Swiss Army Knife » of optics, aka HASO4 SWIR + R-Flex2 SWIR + LA. Each subsequent product embeds the former and offers additional capabilities through a simple plug-and-click connection. The first part is provided by either a HASO4 SWIR or […]

Imagine Optic and Axiom Optics will be at the SPIE ATI

Visit our digital booth and swing by to our poster for a chat on Dec 12/16 at 12.10 pm  The Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor for Rubin Observatory A measurement platform including a Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor has been designed, integrated and tested at Imagine Optic, Orsay France and delivered to the Rubin Observatory (previously known as the […]

Z-range extension with complex PSF in 3D SMLM using Adaptive Optics

MicAO 3DSR – an all-in-one, versatile adaptive optics system: no need for a cylindrical lens or phase mask to optimize and shape the PSF in SMLM. Photoactivation localization microscopy (PALM) and stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM) enable localization of fluorescent molecules with nanometric resolution. In these super resolution microscopy methods the positions of molecules are […]

(Re)Watch Webinar for Microscopy #2 – Adaptive Optics in SMLM for deep tissue imaging

If you missed our 2nd Webinar on Microscopy, you can find it now on our Youtube channel. Marijn Siemons from Utrecht University presents: – An introduction to SMLM and characterization of MicAO device, – Depth-induced ellipticity loss in 3D SMLM – And finally, Adaptive Optics for SMLM in complex tissues. #ImagineWebinar #AdaptiveOptics #Microscopy #SMLM #Optics Contact […]

New generation phase sensing and imaging: the MaxPhase project

Newly funded project will enable high-resolution, multiplexed phase sensing for metrology, laser characterization and non-invasive cell imaging Phase measurement has been well established for decades as a valuable method in optical metrology and Adaptive Optics, in particular through the use of wavefront sensors or interferometers. However, new needs are now emerging that require tailored phase […]

Imagine Optic maintains full activity

We are glad to inform our clients and partners that we are currently running at full capacity and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Firstly, in our sector, the restrictions recently enacted in France have a much more limited impact on economic activity than in the previous lockdown, notably because schools and […]

(Re)Watch Webinar 05: All about SWIR

From WaveFront sensing to 1-Stop optics characterization If you missed our 5th Webinar on wavefront sensing and optics characterization, you can find it now on our Youtube channel. Our CSO, Xavier Levecq, presents you through 3 parts, illustrated by demo : – The HASO4 SWIR, – The R-Flex2 SWIR , – And finally R-Flex2 LA […]

Adaptive Optics for Lattice Light Sheet microscopy – BIPSA 2020

The 2020 edition of BIPSA conference (Excellence Network in Bioimaging and Health in Nouvelle Aquitaine) will be held November 9-10th as part of the ViV HEALTECH forum. This full day of conference will be dedicated to biological imaging in the morning and to medical imaging in the afternoon, and will be accessible via visioconference. As […]

Mars with adaptive optics

Imagine Optic is proud to share this image of the planet Mars (high resolution) acquired at Pic Du Midi with the 1 meter diameter telescope « T1M. » We used an adaptive optic system « CIAO » to get rid of the telescope’s static aberrations and some of the turbulence created by the atmosphere. The CIAO system was set […]