In-line or off-line metrology

Our collaborations with famous laboratories working on X-rays and EUV beams reached our goal: the possibility to deliver “at wavelength” wavefront sensors allowing beamlines alignment, KB optimization and physics (such as plasma probing).

For in-line metrology, we provide HASO EUV and HASO X. Both wavefront sensors are based on our patented rotated square technology that ensures the highest possible wavefront spatial resolution and the highest possible spectral range. Imagine Optic R&D team will always do its best to design the best wavefront sensor for a specific beamline architecture and energy. An example of improvement for 10 keV optics at SOLEIL by wavefront metrology is shown in the slides above.

For off-line metrology, Imagine Optic designed a two-dimensional surface profiler, called SHARPeR, that enables to characterize a mirror shape with a proven accuracy of 50 nrad and 1.2mm spatial resolution. Such instrument is the ideal tool for mirror manufacturers, polishers and metrology labs that look for very high accuracy in mirror shape measurements. The development was in collaboration with Q-Sys B.V. in the Netherlands under Eurostars project E!8304. A screen shot of one mirror profile showing tangential slope map, sagittal slope map and height is shown below.

Application Notes


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HASO HXR | Specification sheet

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