Delivering traceable optical metrology

High throughput quality control by using wavefront metrology is one of many applications, in which Imagine Optic is providing its customers turnkey systems integrated in their production lines.

Include our HASO and R-Flex systems in your metrology process to deliver a wavefront inspection test ensure a constant quality. Our analysis software, WaveView, includes features such as Point Spread Function (PSF), Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) or that can be used for a system inspection test.

Moreover, lenses for mobile phones and other end-consumer products, high quality microscope or telescope objectives can be predicted by ZEMAX simulations and compared with measured results with HASO or HASO R-Flex, providing precious information for research and development (R&D).

Application Notes

Service Documents

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Turbulences simulator

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Adaptive optics with LCOS valve

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