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Optical aberrations can limit the performance of complex optical systems and be the cause of failure of the final experiment results. Optimized alignment of your optical system will get you the most of your experiment. The HASO can easily measure divergent or convergent beams (beam with NA up to 0.1 can be measured directly) allowing convenient and precise optical alignment operations.

With the use of the HASO axis system and the wavefront information, you can optimize lens positions on every degree of freedom. For each new optics added, it is necessary to optimize its positioning and get a wavefront assessment. When multiple elements have to be aligned, save the wavefront influence of all the degrees of freedom and find the alignment that produces the best wavefront output.

Moreover, the wavefront information can be used for many fundamental research applications including

  • Plasma probing
  • Air density changes
  • Fast beam modulations

For every application that need beam shaping (atomic trapping, phase and wavefront modulation, high harmonic generation etc.) wavefront measurement is a key to master the modulating elements.

Application Notes

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