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(Re)watch A Practical Tour of Adaptive Optics

Our third webinar and live demo completes our on ongoing series on wavefront metrology and correction. If you missed our 3rd webinar on wavefront sensing and correction you can find it here. Our CSO Xavier Levecq, and our CTO Guillaume Dovillaire addressed fundamental topics on adaptive optics (AO), covered a variety of applications, and showcased […]

MirAO 52ES, the novel ultra-stable deformable mirror that enables long-term microscopy

In Adaptive Optics, the shape of the thin, reflective membrane inside Deformable Mirrors (DMs) and, eventually, their generated wavefront strongly depends on the environment, especially the variation of the ambient temperature in the laboratory. This behavior is particularly problematic when the deformable mirror is operated in an open-loop mode. In this case, the DM is […]

Photonics Online meetings

Join us at Photonics Online meeting Photonics France launches the first onlinr meetings on the 2nd of July. This is a day of business meeting on a European scale, between principals and suppliers of the photonics industry. It will be completed with the conferences and webinars on products and services related to photonics and its […]

Shack-Hartmann: the go-to technology for telescope alignment and characterization

Over the past three decades, possibilities offered by Adaptive Optics, the technology allowing to compensate for optical aberration, revolutionized optical astronomy. It could unleash the imagination of the scientific and engineers thinking of the instrument’s specifications needed for detecting and probing the atmosphere of an exoplanet, for example. The Imagine Optic’s HASO family of wavefront […]

Conjugation Helper : a game-changer in Adaptive Optics optimization

The ultimate Adaptive Optics optimization is just one click away. WaveTune 4.1.10 Conjugation Helper is a game-changer in the optimization of Adaptive Optics setting as it simplifies the WFS/DM alignment to a one-click process. Adaptive Optics are key to optimizing the optical quality of any instrument or set-up. Obviously both the performance of the wavefront […]

Building the future of Dynamic Adaptive Imaging in Microscopy and Ophthalmology

Next generation opto-electronic devices enable ultrafast adaptive imaging in microscopy and ophthalmology. DYNAMIC FET project is starting development. Recent years have seen the adaptation of innovative technologies to extend optical imaging beyond fundamental limits, and drastically increase the resolution of optical investigation in many fields. However, even state-of-the-art equipment falls short when it comes to […]

Maximize EUV-XUV photons through adaptive optics for HHG

The use of adaptive optics (AO) for IR wavefront control is essential to optimize the phase-matching conditions and therefore enhance the signal of the HHG. Furthermore, the vortex IR driver results in up-converted EUV with a wide range of orbital angular momentum orders, as reported by Laboratoire de Physique des Gaz et des Plasmas . […]

PALM/STORM 3D localization accuracy reaches 10nm at ETH Zurich

Optimization of the signal-to-noise ratio is key to obtaining the best resolution in PALM/STORM super-resolution microscopy. MicAO 3DSR adaptive optics is helping ScopeM improve 3D localization precision. ScopeM is a central scientific technology platform at ETH Zurich, which provides expertise, resources and services to more than 500 researchers from 200 groups per year. The facility […]