Metrology and adaptive optics solutions for X-ray and EUV applications

Extreme UVs and X-Rays are giving access to an incomparable level of information. They are now commonly used for research in physics, life science, materials science. Light properties in this band of spectrum require the use of very specific optics used in very particular conditions and for which the optical quality standards have been pushed to the limits of the optical detection methods. Adaptive optics is also a critical part of X-EUV sources, especially when requiring beam shaping for tight focusing and focal plane control.

Imagine Optic has been involved in a large number of projects including the production or the transport of X–EUVs. Over the years, we have developed innovative solutions for at-wavelength wavefront sensing, active correction strategies and optical metrology solutions dedicated to the metrology of X-rays and EUVs beams, and components. Based on this knowledge, Imagine Optic is also now involved in the development of new imaging techniques, for applications ranging from EUV and X-Ray microscopy to radiography.