Alignment and optimization

The HASO can be used on a wide range of applications related to telescopes of any sizes. It can measure the aberrations of the telescope depending on its inclination in order to further improve the imaging quality of the system as a function of the pointing. The HASO can also be used for the alignment of the instruments located at focus or as a truth wavefront sensor dedicated to monitoring the performance or measuring the non common path aberrations of an AO system. To simplify the set up of the HASO Imagine Optic developed the R-Flex which combines the native performance of the HASO with a high-quality collimator, on which you can attach lenses (modules) with different f/#. The R-Flex can be used to locate the best focal plane of the telescope and or align the different mirrors to minimize the aberrations of the system. The RFLEX can be used with its own source or use the light coming from a guide star.

The telescope aberrations are measured in double pass, which increases the sensitivity of measurements. There are a number of the R-Flex focusing modules allowing to match the telescope numerical aperture.

  • See how a space telescope has been aligned and characterized with a R-Flex (see application note)
  • Why the Shack-Hartmann technology works on white light (see application note)

Analyze the PSF or MTF (software options in WaveView) to see the exact performances of your instrument.

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Using multiple wavefronts acquired in the field, importing the data into your preferred software and further optimizing the movements of the deformable mirror will give you the lowest aberrations and accordingly the best possible images.

Application Notes

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