Improve resolution and go 3D

The quality of the Point Spread Function (PSF) is crucial in single molecule localization super resolution methods (SMLM). By correcting both setup and sample induced aberrations, adaptive optics optimizes the shape of the PSF and this way improves the number of detected photons. This directly enhances the localization precision in these methods. In addition to that, by applying the controllable amount of perfect astigmatism, adaptive optics enable the best 3D imaging capability. This pure astigmatism superimposed onto corrected PSF delivers unprecedented accuracy of single molecule localization in all three dimensions. For an easy implementation of adaptive optics into microscopy setup, Imagine Optic developed a plug and play solution MicAO 3DSR.

Combined two-color 3D PALM and dSTORM image of mEos2-Centrin1 (orange) and Alexa 647 labeled Cep164 (blue). The data is obtained using MicAO 3DSR. Image is taken from Clouvel et al (2013) Proc SPIE, 8590, 85 900Z+.



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