Optical metrology of grazing incidence optics & optical

Nowadays, grazing incidence X-ray optics are reaching outstanding optical qualities (error slope ~ nrad RMS) in order to answer the synchrotron and free-electrons needs.  Manufacturing such excellent optics requires outstanding metrology tools. Imagine Optic and Q-Sys B.V under the European Project SHARPeR developed a new 2D visible light profilometer with unprecedented accuracy. The system commercially available since 2015 is adapted to mirrors up to 1.5 m long and with radii of curvature as small as 1.5 m.

metrology system forx-ray mirror

SHARPeR is a high accuracy automated metrology platform for extremely high quality optical components needed for example in synchrotron beamlines, EUV lithography systems and telescopes. Meter-scale X-ray mirrors will be characterized with a slope error accuracy better than sub-µrad rms.


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