Analyse phase and intensity simultaneously

Precise control of Spatio-temporal characteristics of the laser beam is fundamental in applications involving extreme electro-magnetic fields generated by laser beams interacting with matter, plasma etc. Spatial beam quality is predominant in applications such as wakefield accelerators, High Harmonic Generation (HHG), atomic trapping, atomic interference, etc . For the HHG, the phase measurement of the laser beam will help to improve the final focusing and thus achieve sufficient intensity for harmonic generation. Moreover, the XUV beam can be also measured and fully characterized by a sensor in the X-EUV range. In the case of atomic interference, the aberrations of the wavefront are the main limitations that contribute to  the uncertainty of the measurement. Once the laser beam aberrations are calibrated and further corrected, phase matching can be achieved and thus the precision of the measurement is greatly increased.

The absolute calibration provided with HASO Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors ensures λ/100 rms measurement accuracy on a direct beam – No reference needed.

Position the sensor in the beam and obtain the wavefront. Our patented Shack-Hartmann technology insures independent, real time and simultaneous measurements of wavefront and  intensity profile.

HASO Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor gives you access to:

  • Far field
  • Divergence
  • Waist position
  • M Square parameter
  • Laser beam collimation

Recommended HASO for UHIL applications are :

  • HASO4 First calibrated for your specific laser wavelength;
  • HASO Broadband for 400-1100nm;
  • HASO EUV to characterize your HHG beam.

A reliable characterization of the aberrations present in the laser chain will then allow straight forward and smooth correction for an adaptive optics system. Our AO Kit solution is open to any deformable mirror technology, our experts and simulations tools can help in the determination of an optimized system that will provide the best possible results.

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