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The Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor for Rubin Observatory

A measurement platform including a Shack-Hartmann Wavefront Sensor has been designed, integrated and tested at Imagine Optic, Orsay France and delivered to the Rubin Observatory (previously known as the LSST) fin Tucson, Az. This instrument will be used for the initial on-axis optical alignment and testing of the LSST telescope.

The optical configuration of the Rubin Telescope without the presence of its camera requires advanced capabilities in term of quantities of aberrations to measure, linearity, accuracy and sensitivity for usage on a natural star. The HASO3 128GE2, available from Imagine Optic, was identified as the most relevant WFS to meet all those requirements.

In that paper, we provide the specifics regarding the opto-mechanical design allowing the relay imaging of the pupil compatible with the fast aperture of the telescope, a reference source for the on-site calibration of the system and the optical output made available for a viewer camera.

We are also describing the mechanical assembly, the software and some tests performed at delivery of the system. Keywords: LSST – Rubin Observatory, wavefront sensing, Shack Hartmann wavefront sensor

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