Imagine Optic at SMLMS in Delft

Please visit us at the 9th Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Symposium

The last week of August Imagine Optic will be exhibiting at the 9th Single Molecule Localization Microscopy Symposium (SMLMS) in Delft (The Netherlands).

Imagine Optic at SMLMS in Delft

At our booth we will demonstrate the latest iteration of MicAO 3DSR, an adaptive optics device specifically designed for single molecule localization microscopy (SMLM) methods such as photoactivation localization microscopy (PALM), stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM) and single particle tracking (SPT). The high optical transmission of MicAO 3DSR and its ability to correct aberrations enables us to:

  1. Detect more photons from the sample, which, in turn, increases localization precision (resolution) of SMLM methods.
  2. Introduce aberration-free astigmatism for the most precise 3D SMLM imaging which allows reaching 20nm axial localization precision.
  3. Selective correction of spherical aberration allows to image deeper inside the biological sample.
  4. The deformable mirror inside MicAO 3DSR has an excellent temporal stability. It can keep the induced shape for as long as 12 hours and will reproduce the exact same shape also the next time you will switch on MicAO. This enables long-term image sequence acquisitions which is required by the SMLM methods.

MicAO 3DSR device has been developed for an easy implementation on any inverted-frame microscope. You simply need to insert the device between the microscope side port and the imaging camera, and functions as an image relay, still allowing for the use of additional modules such as dual color view devices and microscope port splitters. MicAO 3DSR comes with the user-friendly software which contains all the necessary tools for detection and correction of aberrations in biological samples.

At SMLMS on our booth MicAO 3DSR will be linked to the Nikon Ti2 microscope frame and will be fully functional, therefore everybody is welcome to visit us and have a live demonstration. We will show you how aberration detection methods are working and you can also bring your own samples to test (please contact us in advance for compatibility).

Imagine Optic at SMLMS in Delft

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