RIAO / OPTILAS / MOPM 2019 in Cancún

Oral presentations will be given by Guillaume Dovillaire.

161 : Adaptive Optics on high power laser

314 : Hartmann Wavefront sensors latest results and developments

315 : The Rflex : a new instrument for wavefront metrology

Workshop website  https://www.riao.org.mx/optilas_2019/



The target of this workshop is to put together leading experts, leading developers of x-ray optics and optical simulation software tools for synchrotron and FEL radiation. Main topics will be:

  • In Situ Metrology – Wavefront Sensors
  • Adaptive optic and close loop feedback system
  • Diffractive and refractive optic for extreme application (very high resolution and wavefront preservation)
  • High Heat Load Optics – system design and compensation mechanism
  • Simulation (focussed on wave propagation of fully or partial coherent sources and new optics)
  • Mirrors fabrication and coating
  • X-ray telescope
  • Optics for laboratory based X-ray sources

The workshop is not only suited for expert developers or expert users, but also for scientists, researchers and students. You are encouraged to submit an abstract for the oral or poster sessions that will be held during the conference.


The Organizing Committee

Mourad Idir (LBNL)
Daniele Cocco (SLAC)
Bernd Meyer (LNLS)
Hidekazu Mimura (Tokyo University)
Guillaume Dovillaire (Imagine Optic)
Josep Nicolas (ALBA)
Amparo Vivo (ESRF)