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Project overview


VOlumetric medical X-ray imaging at Extremely Low dose

H2020-FETOPEN-2014-2015-RIA - 665207 VOXEL

Computerized Tomography (CT) has been one of the greatest achievements in medical imaging, but at the cost of a high X-ray irradiation dose. The ultimate goal of VOXEL is to provide an alternative to tomography with a disruptive technology enabling 3D X-ray imaging at very low dose. VOXEL aims at prototyping new cameras that will combine the X-ray penetration and nanometre spatial resolution, easiness to use, afforded by avoiding the rotation of the source or the sample, and extremely low dose for maximum impact on medicine and biology. VOXEL aims at prototyping in parallel a soft X-ray "water window" microscope and a hard X-ray 3D camera for medical applications.


The VOXEL project is structured around 7 teams with complementing areas of expertise: IST-Portugal (coordinator), CEA-France, CNR-Italy, CNRS-France, CWI-Netherlands, IO-France, UPM-Spain.


The VOXEL project has been funded within FET-Open H2020 program.



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